Art Center

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Art Center

Zavod Art sredisce
Dunajska 196
SI-1000 Ljubljana

gsm: +386 31 250 378, +386 41 961 327

running its programme at:
Središče 47
SI-9207 Prosenjakovci

t: +386 2 544 91 08
gsm: +386 31 250 378
f: +386 2 544 91 09

office hours: Mon. - Fri. 11.00 - 15.00
MMC space: non-stop 09.30 - 22.00

Art center – institution for culture, art and development is the first artistic residential centre in Slovenia. The Multimedia centre is starting to function within the context of the Art center, which provides a creative atmosphere to guest artists, slovene and foreign, and tries to be open to new ideas in different fields and realization of interdisciplinary projects.

Besides the work with digital and information technology and artistic production, Art center offers facilities not only to young and older artists, that use new technologies (digital video, electronic arts, communication...), but also to local communities – which are isolated because of the location in Goričko in region Prekmurje – and create opportunities of education in different fields (workshops, free internet access, information and general support).

We believe that artistic practice is innovative, and creative research, requestioning, not only shapes or forms, with other words it's own purpose, but also its position on the world and changing it. The Multimedia centre within Art center will, in it's own way, in it's own context try to think about and develop the relation to new technologies and connect with people, experiences and knowledge of other similar institutions.

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