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Cultural Educational Association PINA

Gregorčičeva 6
SI-6000 Koper

t: +386 5 630 03 20
f: +386 5 630 03 21


Mon - Fri: 12.00 – 18.00

The cultural educational association Pina has been performing activities in the field of servicing the public with information, education, culture and development in the Municipality of Koper and in the broader local area for more than eight years. It was founded in 1997 as a programme of the Open Society Institute of Slovenia and its purpose was to develop a civil society and a democratic dialogue as well as provide public access to contemporary tools informational communication technology (IKT). Since 1997, Pina's main goal has been to offer public access and the possibility to use modern IKT and multimedia tools. Pina also enables the activities of young artists and experts as well as business innovators. It has launched many successful artists in the field of modern informational technology into public life. In 2004, Pina linked itself with related centres into a Slovenian net of multimedia centres in order to fulfil its goal more actively and broadly. Pina continuously brings to existence professionally trained workers (computer operators, maintainers of IKT equipment, multimedia experts) that are, in the users' opinion, among the best in the regions of the Slovene Littoral and Karst. With its regular activities (modern exhibitions, mini festivals, comic workshops, LAN parties, film nights, tournaments in social games, meetings of computer enthusiasts, lectures and presentations …) it continuously stimulates the development of different cultural and artistic activities and offers social events with interesting content. Pina intends to become one of the leading and best multimedia centres in this part of Europe. Its school for multimedia arts will fill the gap in the area of contemporary training of human resources.sl:PINA en:CEA PINA