Ljubljana Digital Media Lab (M3C)

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Ljubljana Digital Media Lab

c/o KUD France Prešeren Trnovo

Rimska cesta 8
SI-1000 Ljubljana

t: +386 1 426 95 30
f: +386 1 426 95 31


Mon - Fri: 10.00 – 16.00

Ljubljana Digital Media Lab – LJUDMILA is Slovenia's first non-profit digital media laboratory. It was founded in 1994 by a group of new media artists and activists living and working in Ljubljana. It has a long tradition and extensive experience connecting new media technologies and artistic projects, NGOs, civil society and new technologies awareness activism.

LJUDMILA has grown into a centre for advanced media consulting, digital media production & archiving, as well as software & hardware development & support. It has become known both regionally and internationally as a creative and innovative advanced media lab run by a flexible group of people all of whom are highly skilled in the various aspects of multimedia, information and communication technologies. It also runs open-access internet servers for publishing non-profit cultural and artistic content on the web and for e-communication.

LJUDMILA has supported a wide range of artistic and civil initiative projects. Through these the lab has become a member in a circle of kindred centres in Europe known as the European Cultural Initiative/ECB. It was also a founding member of A.Network, a regional network of kindred centres in 2003, as well as a founding member of Multimedia Centres Network of Slovenia/M3C.

LJUDMILA has received the Golden Bird award for Advanced Media, cited for exceptional achievements in developing this field of artistic and cultural production, awarded by the Liberal Academy of Slovenia (2004).en:Ljubljana Digital Media Lab (M3C) sl:Ljudmila (M3C)