MMC Mostovna

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MMC Mostovna

Masovna - Establishment for non-institutional culture Cesta IX. Korpusa 99a
SI-5250 Solkan

t: +386 5 330 09 12
f: +386 5 330 09 13

Mon - Sat: 14.00 – 20.00

MMC Mostovna operates as a department of Cultural centre Mostovna. It combines and provides the facilities of the information point and office, multimedia room and wireless access to the internet. Main activities include educational and informative projects, web design and hosting, creative artistic work and refurbishing of outdated PC equipment. Multimedia room equipment fits the needs of graphic and web design and audio - video production. It is suitable for educational purposes (workshops, courses) and individual projects.On the local level, MMC Mostovna makes part of the network connecting it with Nova Gorica Students' club and Youth centre, beating a new path to shared use of information resources and efficient collaboration on common projects.