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M3C – Multimedia Centres Network of Slovenia

Cultural Information Backbone of Slovenia – a non-formal network of centres, which connected digital technologies based on the principles of open society and knowledge society with culture & art, creation, innovation, education and dissemination of information – has been formed in the second half of the 1990s. The extent of the network as we know it today has been established during 2003–2004, with partial support of the Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Information Society.

In 2004 a network of nine Slovenian multimedia centres obtained funding from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) by applying through the Ministry of Culture, since M3C activities are accordant with the strategy of the Unified Programme Document of the Republic of Slovenia for the programme period 2004–2006 and with the programme complement for the period 2004–2006.

By long term cooperation the partner centres wish to establish and further develop infrastructural and information supportive environment in relation to information technology and digital culture.

Aims of the partnership are the following:

  • establishing contemporary technological infrastructure in all regions of Slovenia;
  • encouraging training and activation of human resources that are able to unite creativity, technology and management;
  • establishing developmental infrastructure in order to advance the efficiency of creation and transfer of knowledge into products, services and processes;
  • establishing efficient and multi-sectorial cooperation between multimedia centres in the network;
  • developing ICT infrastructure which enables quick, broadband networks for research, education, culture and business environments;
  • suitable infrastructure and spatial conditions of the centres;
  • identification and networking of sub-points in all regions;
  • further extension of the network through establishment of multimedia centres in all regions.

Projects was co-financed by EUen:MMC Network of Slovenia sl:M3C