Multimedia Center MINK

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Multimedia Center MINK

Gregorčičeva 2
SI-5220 Tolmin

t: +386 5 381 19 50
f: +386 5 381 19 51

every day except Monday: 16.00 – 22.00

In March 2005 Zveza tolminskih mladinskih društev ZTMD (Tolmin youth organizations' association) is opening the 'Mink' multimedia centre. In the previous year the main activity of ZTMD was to obtain a suitable location and make it appropriate for this type of activity. The location was found in former bomb shelter in Tolmin. Free access to the internet and use of ICT equipment will be available to those interested, under expert supervision. We have also equipped a film montage studio with proper equipment. The goal of the multimedia centre is to make the general public familiar with the various uses of modern technology. On the other hand we want to educate the public about the dangers that modern technology can bring. We intend to realize this goal through various educational and artistic activities. Special emphasize will be given to the open code projects and possibilities of modern technology usage in the realization of artistic projects.en:Multimedia Center MINK sl:MINK