Youth Center Krško

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Multimedia Center of Posavje

MC Krško Cesta krških žrtev 105
P.P. 246
SI-8270 Krško

t: +386 7 488 22 80
f: +386 7 488 22 85,

Mon - Thu: 09.00 - 22.00 | Fri - Sat: 09.00 - 01.00 |

Multimedia center of Posavje is a program unit of Youth center Krško, which opened in September 2003. With free public access and free use of technology and equipment, it provides all the necessary infrastructure for creative and innovative work on the fields of e-communications, internet, digital audio and video production, graphical design and development of computer software. It is also one of the leading producers in the region Posavje with a wide variety of educational, cultural and artistic events. MMCP consists of a multimedia gallery, a multimedia studio with two practice rooms, computer project workshop and a multi purpose multimedia classroom. There is also a public access computer server system for publishing educational, scientific, cultural and artistic contents, together with e-communications.en:Youth Center Krško sl:MMC Krško